Skip Bin Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What size skip bin would suit me best?

We have a range of skip sizes available for many different needs.

Our skips bins range in size from 2m3 to 10m3. To help you decide which size would suit your needs, the following advice should help: two cubic metres holds approximately six standard wheelie bins of waste or 2 (6×4) box trailer load. Skips larger than four cubic metres must not contain heavy materials. Book Now

What can I put in the skip?

Light and heavy domestic waste, such as general household and garage clean-ups, garden clean-ups, moving house or office; light construction waste, such as building renovation and small amounts of green waste can be put into your skip.

Materials we DO NOT accept are asbestos fibro, mattresses, tyres, food and perishables, dirt, concrete, gas bottles, liquid waste, any other hazardous material or dangerous chemicals, acids or poisons, or other environmentally unfriendly substances or objects likely to cause harm or damage. To dispose of materials of this nature, you will need to contact your local Council.

How much weight can I put in the bin?

The weight for each bin depends on the size of the skip. As we only accept general household and construction and demolition waste, there should be no issues with weight. The maximum skip size for solid fill is 4m3 (for soil, concrete, brick and dirt).

How long can I keep the bin?

Our skip hire is for a maximum period of seven days. If you want us to collect the bin earlier, you can tell us in the delivery instructions when you book the bin.

How can I hire a skip from you?

The process of hiring a skip is simple. Use our simple online booking form, which will guide you step by step through the process of booking your skip bin.

How much notice do you need if I want to book a bin?

If you want to book a skip, the minimum delivery notice is 1 day. You can order your bin today and receive it tomorrow! During busy periods such as long weekends and holidays, we recommend booking your bin earlier. We do not deliver skip bins on Sundays or Public Holidays.

How do I pay for my skip?

Payment is made online via credit card when you book your skip. We accept payment by Credit Cards such as Visa, Mastercard and Amex or Paypal.

Is there a right way to pack the bin?

All skips must be loaded carefully to ensure your waste’s safe removal and transportation. Each skip has a label on the side saying, “Do not fill above the rim” indicating that you must not fill the skip any higher than the top edge. If the driver arrives to collect your skip bin and it is above the level, we reserve the right to remove the excess or charge an additional fee for the excess waste.

What happens if I overload or overfill the bin?

Where possible, the driver will try to take the skip and the waste; if not, the excess waste will be placed in a neat pile, where possible, near the site of the bin.

If the driver cannot remove the excess waste or overloaded item(s), we will try to contact you to arrange a bin to be delivered to place excess waste in to.

If this is the case, a wasted trip fee WILL be charged at $110 and deducted from your card.

What happens if the driver can’t unload the skip?

If too much weight has been placed in the skip and the driver is unable to unload the contents, we will contact you. We will advise you that we are unable to remove the skip due to the overloading. Another skip will be arranged for you, and you will need to transfer the excess material. This skip will be charged at our standard rate.

Do I need a Permit or Council Permission for a Skip Bin?

Placing the skip bin on your property does not require a permit or any approvals. However, you may need a permit if the bin is to be placed on any public land, nature strip or driveway laybacks. Councils have different regulations from one area to another, so please check with your local Council if you intend to place your skip on public land. You need to organise your permit before booking your skip bin.

Where will you place the bin?

The bin must be placed in an appropriate spot for ease of access, ensuring the least impact on driveways and for ease of removal once full. When you book your skip bin, please tell us in the delivery instructions exactly where you would like us to place your skip. Please let us know if there are any access conditions that we should be aware of.

Can we put the bin on the footpath?

Skip bins can be placed on a footpath provided pedestrian access is not inhibited and utility pits are not covered. Some Councils will require you to have a permit to set your skip bin on the footpath, so best to check the regulations in your area.

Can we put the bin on the road?

Generally speaking, skip bins cannot be placed on the road. If you need to put the skip on the road, you must apply to Queensland Police to receive the necessary approvals before booking your skip.