Book a Skip Bin for Garden Waste Removal

Landscaping projects are synonymous with large amounts of waste that you just don’t know what to do with. Whether you are designing an entirely new backyard, replacing an old fence and adding new turf, or constructing an arbour, trellis or adding raised garden beds, there will be garden waste that you need to dispose of. Skip bin hire is the way to go.

Booking a skip bin to deal with your garden clean-up or makeover project is a convenient and sensible option. Skip Bin Hire is a perfect solution to deal with green waste removal, timber and fencing removal – any landscaping and garden waste you want to clear out, we can take it away.

We are only permitted to dump pure green waste no rubbish, rocks, concrete, steel, fence post or timber. This has to be removed and dumped separately.

See our article on skip bin hire for general waste removal. Ideal for renovations.

Common Garden Waste you can place into a Skip Bin.

  • Light garden waste like shrubs, grass clippings and twigs among others
  • Leaves, small branches and palm fronds, among others
  • Tree stumps
  • Tree cuttings
  • Soil
  • Bark
  • Woodchip

Things you cannot put into a green- waste skip bin:

To comply with environmental requirements, you cannot place the following items in the skip bin.

  • Hazardous materials like Asbestos/Fibro Cement Sheeting, Insulation, Chemical containers, Paint tins containing paint, etc
  • Used or unused Oil
  • Car Tyres, or mattresses
  • Combustible materials and gases
  • Synthetic grass

Skip bins are the perfect solution for garden landscaping projects

Use a skip bin to manage your garden waste when renovating. For any medium to large landscaping job, you are going to need a skip bin to hold the waste. The size of our local council green-waste bins is simply too small for the amount of waste that will be generated. You will be surprised by the amount of garden waste that is removed to rejuvenate a garden.

If you are completing this task with the help of a landscape gardener or builder, they will be able to determine the skip bin size and the length of time you will need to have it for.

If you are taking care of the landscape and garden project yourself, we are more than happy to have a chat about the size of skip bin you may require. We will need to know how much waste you think will be created by clearing up space before your garden goes in. Are fences coming down, trees pruned, or dead turf being removed? How long do you think the project will take?

We have the right size of skip for your needs

  • If you think that there will be about two to three trailer loads, then a mini-skip of 2m3 to 3m3 should be large enough for your project.
  • For larger landscaping jobs, our 4m3 to 6m3 skip bins are equivalent to four to six trailer loads.
  • If you are going all out and this is a large project, you may require something like our 8m3 to 12m3 skip bins, which are equal to about eight to twelve trailer loads.

Getting Rid of Garden Waste Using our Skip Bins

Locate your Skip Bin within easy access to the road, and as close as possible to your designated landscape project. This not only makes it easier for us to deliver and collect the skip, but also saves your back. Carting wheelbarrow loads of garden waste across vast distances is no one’s idea of fun! You may need to check with your local council for a permit if you want to locate the skip across a footpath outside your home.

Fill your skip up to the marked “Fill” line – and be sensible – if you overfill the bin our drivers cannot take all the waste that is above the fill line.

No matter how small or big your gardening project is, we have the right size skip bin that promises to do a great job.